Environmental Practices

Sustainable Landscaping

Our commitment to landscaping excellence extends from your property to the environment at large. It is our honor to steward natural resources, and we have numerous practices in place to invest in the earth and reduce negative impact.

Landscape Design

Sustainable landscape installations begin before the plans leave our office. To provide high quality, responsible, and sustainable outcomes, Keller Group:  

  • Prioritizes native plant species to reduce water usage
  • Makes decisions specific to the local environment when selecting material options and adding builds
  • Reduces the need for fertilizer and sprays with easy to prune plants and pest- and disease-resistant species

Material Usage

At every step of the process, we make intentional materials decisions to reduce environmental impact without affecting quality. 

  • Keller Group is proud to recycle the yard waste we collect and generate in partnership with Kurtz Bros Central Ohio. Kurtz Bros. takes this waste and produces mulch and other products for use around the region. We invest in both the environment and local economy by partnering with other small businesses with a similar focus on quality, detail, and excellence. 
  • Chemicals are used only as needed, without large scale application. 
  • Our office recycles paper and plastic, and sources materials locally wherever possible to reduce transportation cost. 

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